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An interdisciplinary consultancy
with background across a variety of industries and specialization in several key areas:

  • Strategic planning and management
  • Business process engineering/re-engineering
  • Change and innovation management
  • Technology
  • Systems architecture
  • Program management
  • Management of innovation
  • Business development
  • Advisory financial consulting

Our greatest strength lies in the non-linear career. We've tackled a tapestry of challenges where we've had to get up to speed quickly—sinking or swimming in short order as we've mastered industry subject matter in a variety of industry segments. To put it in simplest terms, we've filled the functions typically exercised by a chief information officer, strategic planner and business process consultant.

Perhaps surprisingly, technology has frequently proven a very peripheral element, often eclipsed by operational issues. In these cases, throwing technology at the problem provides a “band-aid” solution at best, and concentrating only on technology can be a critical error. To ensure the best outcome for the company and its customers, the focus must be on integrating technology into the business process rather than cramming business process into a technology framework.

Our core ability is
grasping the business process, identifying the necessary balance between resources, organizational structure and tasks to accomplish the defined goals, developing appropriate solutions and building acceptance, focus and trust across a diverse set of stakeholders—facilitating a team effort and applying innovative thinking and approaches to get the job done with a necessary attention to detail.

We've participated as team members and managers of
critical and complex operations and production requirements. With interdisciplinary background and experience in finance, procurement, legal, regulatory, and marketing, we bring commitment, integrity, adaptability, versatility and an extra dimension to a high-priority project or a senior team. Sometimes we’ve learned the hard way—from our mistakes—and grown through them.

Our experience also helps us spot "landmines" that often appear unexpectedly and derail even the best-planned projects. We deliver against budgets, motivate people and fashion a high-quality product under unforgiving deadlines, staying on track and maintaining perspective.

It comes down to
quickly identifying problems and going “all in” for the solutions, as careful stewards ensuring the best possible results. A number of our assignments have taught us the the need for focus and for resilience under pressure. Our work in the financial industry has taught me much about the “business of business”—the central role of financial analysis, control and management—as well as understanding the broader thinking and objectives of an organization and translating them to advise on the best use of resources and assets.

We specialize in challenging implementations and troubleshooting business operations and technology, bringing our extensive experience to help you achieve your goals and address your concerns. Let us help.

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